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Top digital marketing updates for March 2024

Digital marketing updates

April 2024 was a busy month for digital marketers, with major improvements from Google and news that might reshape the social media landscape. Here’s a quick catch-up on the major events.

Google’s March Core Update
Google released a fundamental update in April aimed at boosting search result quality and minimizing reliance on single ranking criteria. This entails focusing on high-quality content and the user experience.

Instagram expands carousel options
Prepare to unleash your imagination! Instagram is experimenting with larger carousel posts, allowing users to add up to 15 images. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight products, tell a narrative, or engage your readers through a multifaceted article.

Google My Business is social
Google is making it easier for businesses to promote their latest content. Businesses may now link their social media profiles to their Google My Business directory, allowing them to display recent postings right in the search results.

Performance-Max campaigns
Google Ads has added new capabilities for Performance Max ads, such as AI-generated lifestyle photos and additional image editing tools. This should make it easier to create captivating advertising creatives.

A potential TikTok ban
The United States House of Representatives passed legislation that could see TikTok banned within the next six months. This is due to national security concerns around foreign ownership of social media networks. The future of TikTok remains questionable.

Beyond likes, attention metrics measure engagement
Likes and shares are not everything. In 2024, marketers will prioritize attention metrics that quantify how long people spend with content. This move will enable brands to develop content that actually connects with their target audience.

The digital marketing landscape is always shifting. Staying in touch with seo company dubai and trends can guarantee that your campaigns are effective and reach the intended target. Platforms are now delivering new functionality. After all, adaptation and creativity are critical components of digital marketing success.

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